Saturday, 15 October 2022

Start Lines Set-up and Registration

Manly: 05:30am – 8:30am     and        Bondi: 05:30am – 08:30am

These roles may require some lifting. Help with set-up tables, unpack boxes, setup flags and banners

Checking in the participants, helping with any team changes, ensuring that all participant’s understand the event and timing processes

We are seeking a minimum of 6 volunteers for each of the two locations 

Finish Line

Kirribilli Market Area

Shift 1: 09:00am – 14:30pm     and     Shift 2: 14:00pm – 19:30pm

These roles may require some lifting. You help setting-up (or dismantling) the marquees, tables, unpack or pack, set-up flags and banners

Other duties will be:

  • Handing out finisher medals and finisher bags
  • Helping in the food and drink marquee
  • Cheering and celebrating with the participants crossing the finishing line 
  • Give directions 

We are seeking a minimum of 8 volunteers for each shift 

Road Marshall (along the course)

Shift will be advised in more details shortly

As Marshall, you are responsible for the safety of participants along certain sections of the route. Give directions, keep particiants motivated and keep them going.

You will need to bring your own seat if you prefer to sit. You may be on your own (in safe areas), may have to use two-way radios to call for assistance / first aid.

You may need your own vehicle to get to some locations, but this is not essential for all. There will be occasional quite times, so bring a book. Make sure you have 

food and water, sun lotion, hat with you.  

We are seeking a minimum of 12 volunteers for this role

Check Point Volunteers

Manly Route  Checkpoint                       

Balmoral Oval, 1st Sea Scout Hall
Shift 1: 07:00am - 11:30am
Shift 2: 11:00am - 15:00pm                   

Bondi Route Checkpoint

Rosebay Bay, Lynne Park
Shift 1: 07:00am - 11:30am
Shift 2: 11:00am - 15:00pm

In these roles you either help setting-up or dismantling the Check-Points (some lifting may be involved). Main duities are helping participants getting hydrated and food at the checkpoints, give directions, cheering them on and keep them going. 

We are seeking a minimum of 24 volunteers for these roles (minimum 6 volunteers per shift and checkpoint)

Volunteer Team Leader

This position requires you to arrive 5 minutes early for your shift and attend a virtual pre-event day briefing. You will be responsible for supervision of volunteers, arranging breaks and help event organiser to make sure day runs smootly.

This role is ideal for a person with previous experience in a team leader role. We are seeking team leaders at all locations of this event.

We are seeking up to 4-8 volunteers for this role. 

Pre-Event Day Volunteer Roles

This roles will help us with pre-event tasks such as:

  • Letterbox drops to local residents and business along route - Early October, seeking 6 volunteers 
  • Help preparing all the gear at Event HQ, so the right stuff gets to the correct Check Point - 10th to 14th October, seeking 2 volunteers
  • Help with mailings of T-shirts and other collateral to participants - September to early October, seeking 2 volunteers

Event-Day volunteers will receive

  • A T-shirt and Saftey Vest to wear on the day
  • Refreshments during shift
  • Regular breaks as required
  • Full briefing about role and expectations
  • A guaranteed awesome day of fun


  • One free entry for a future Sydney Harbour Hike
  • Volunteer Certifiate of Appreciation signed by Gabi Hollows AO

If you are able to perform more than one shift, we would love you for it! And you are also welcome to fill any vacant position on event day - just ask your team leader!

Volunteer Now

For any questions please call us on 1800 627 892 or email us on harbourhike@hollows.org 

         Download the Volunteer Briefing Power Point Presentation