What is the entry fee used for?

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Your registration fee helps cover the costs of running this event. This includes paying for insurance, logistics, signage, traffic management, toilets, first-aid, security and more. It does not include a donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation. Therefore we expect everyone to make their walk count by fundraising a minimum of $250 for The Foundation. Over 43 million people are blind on this planet and 9 out of 10 don't need to be, a small donation of $25 can help restore sight to a needlessly blind person and change their life forever.

How much does it cost to enter?

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To participate in the Sydney Harbour Hike our General Admission Entry Fee is $90 (incl GST). However, look out for our special VIP entry (sign up now) and our Early Bird entry! Children aged under 16 years participate free of charge but must be registered*. Registration fees are non-refundable and are not a donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation. The entry fee covers costs of the event such as First Aid, Traffic Management, Volunteer and Support training, Website, Mailing of bib numbers, T-shirts and more.

*) Parents or guardian have to register and invite the child during their registration. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian during entire event period. Please contact 1800 627 892 for a 'free of charge' payment code to register a child for free to the event.

Is the entry fee refundable if I have to withdraw from the event?

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Unfortunately, we are unable to refund your entry fee, as this fee is used to pay for the event, which is organised by a third party. However you are allowed to transfer your entry to someone else. You need to inform us about your withdrawal and send us the name, email and phone details of your replacement. This is important for the safety of the person who will take your spot in the event!

Once you have informed us about your withdrawal, we will contact the new participant to arrange their full registration and we will withdraw your entry from the event. Your replacement won't be charged an entry fee, 
and any entry fee transfer has to be arranged between you and your replacement, and does not involve the Sydney Harbour Hike organisers. 

Please note that your personal fundraising tally at the time of your withdrawal can not be transferred to your replacement. You are welcome to continue fundraising for our cause if you wish so, however your replacement still has to full-fill the fundraising condition of raising $250 to be able to participate in the event. 

When is Sydney Harbour Hike and what time does it start?

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The Sydney Harbour Hike will be held on the Sunday following the second Thursday in October. The event starts at Bondi Beach from 6:30am.

The walk will finish at the north end of Sydney Harbour Bridge, at Broughton Street Lookout, Bradfield Park South. The event will close at 7:00pm on Sunday night.

When can I register for the event?

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You can register for this event right now and be one of the hikers who save on their entry fee. Make sure you share with your friends so they can take advantage of the VIP entry fee too.

Check out our other FAQ and please contact us with any questions you may have on 1800 627 892. 

Can I register on the day?

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Limited spots (for family/friends of registered participants) will be made available on the day, however, in addition to the $90 entry fee an additional administration fee of $25 will be charged for late registration. 

I have not received my registration receipt?

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Your registration receipt was emailed to you after payment of the entry fee. Please check your Junk or Spam mail box. If you are still unable to find your entry confirmation, you can download a copy from your fundraising account or don't hestitate to contact us by email or call us on 1800 627 892.

How can I find out more about the hike?

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Once you are registered for the event you will receive regular emails from us informing you about the event, the route, training updates and fundraising. Another excellent source of information is our private Sydney Harbour Hike Facebook Group. There you can meet fellow walkers, find most answers to your training and fundraising questions, and find out everything about the event.

Can I participate as part of a team?

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Yes, we encourage this! It is more fun to walk and fundraise together. When you register, you can select to join an existing team or create your own team. You can also create a team after you have registered. Simply click 'Create Team' in your fundraising dashboard if you want to create a team and invite a friend. Remember to share your team link and ask your friends to join you for the challenge.

Does a team captain pay for registration or do I?

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A team captain will initially register a team. The captain has two options; pay for all team members (preferred option for Workplaces) and team members will get invited to simply finalise their fundraising page. Alternatively, the captain may only decide to pay for their own entry fee, in which case all members will receive an invitation to join the team by paying for the entry themselves.

Where can I stay prior to the start if I am travelling from interstate?

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Bondi Beach offers a range of accommodation and is also easily reached by public transport.

What public transport options do I have to get to start and home after the hike?

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We encourage all hikers to use public transport to and from the event. You can find options and time tables here. Bondi is easy reached by public transport.There are also plenty of trains and buses to get you home from the finish line. Paid parking is very limited at both the start and finish area.

Are there any age restrictions?

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Sydney Harbour Hike is a family friendly event and children of any ages are welcome to participate with their parent/guardian. Please note that not all of the route is pram or wheelchair accessible. Any participant under the age of 18 (youth participant) must have a parent/guardian listed on their on-line registration form and the consent box ticked to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of  the youth participant. 

To participate and fundraise, children under 16 years of age must:
1. be at least 8 years of age at time of registration to fundraise. Children of any age are allowed to participate in this event with their parent/guardian, however underage of 8 are not allowed to fundraise.
2. have the explicit consent of their parent/guardian to participate and fundraise at the time of registration.
3. be accompanied and supervised by their parent/guardian during entire event period and during all associated fundraising activities.
4. only participate in fundraising activities for less than 4 hours a day, starting after 7am and up to 6pm
5. have their parent/guardian maintaining ongoing contact/proximity to the child appropriate to the child’s age.
6. must be provided with appropriate food, water and adequate clothing by parent/guardian during the activity.
7. must not soliciting from a person in a motor vehicle, nor enter private dwellings if soliciting door-to door.

Entry is free*) if you are under 16 years old, however children must be registered for event by their parent/guardian and be accompanied by parent or adult guardian at all times. If your parent or guardian leave the course or withdraws, then so must the under age walkers.

* Parents or guardian have to register and invite the child during their registration. Please contact 1800 627 892 for payment code to register child for event.


Is fundraising mandatory?

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We believe that everyone who signs up for this challenge is motived to help our cause to continue Fred Hollows' work, restoring sight to needlessly blind people. A minimum $250 fundraising pledge in support of our work is part of the challenge.

With over 43 million people being blind but 9 out of 10 people don't need to be, we hope you are encourage enough to help us. 

We will give you all the tips and tricks to make fundraising easy and fun. As little as $25 can help restore sight to a needlessly blind person.

Our goal is for each participants to embraces this challenge and commits to help raise $250, which goes towards restoring sight to up to 10 blind people. 

Thanks to some generous sponsors we will be able to offer small prizes and incentives to top fundraisers, to make it worthwhile your efforts :)

How much of the money raised will go to help restore sight?

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Sydney Harbour Hike is owned and organised by The Fred Hollows Foundation. 100% of the money raised goes to The Foundation. Details of how we spend your donation can be found in our annual reports here.

Can I donate to The Foundation on the day of the event?

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Yes, of course. Our fundraising pages will stay open until December, so yes, you can make an online donation on the day or even afterwards. Use the Sydney Harbour Hike website to donate to a fundraiser or give a gift direct to The Foundation.

How can my friends sponsor me?

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Simply send them the link to your online fundraising page and invite them to donate to you. People who use their Social Media to spread the word and engage their network for support usually raise twice as much as fundraisers who only send out emails.

How do I join an existing fundraising team?

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You either have received an invitation from your Team Captain to join the team or you can simply go online, register yourself and then search for the team you like to join.

Can I edit my online page?

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Yes, it is not only simple to do but highly recommended. A personalised fundraising page with photos and personal message will attract more donors and help you reach your fundraising goal quicker.

How can The Foundation restore sight for $25?

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While the cost of cataract surgery varies depending on the specific operating environments in the countries where we work, in some countries it is possible to restore sight for as little as $25.

Our $25 cost includes the three key things needed to restore sight – the surgeon’s time, the consumable equipment and the intraocular lens (IOL) which replaces the cataract.

The most important element in modern cataract surgery is the IOL – Fred Hollows used to refer to them as "the most expensive pieces of plastic in the world". Reducing the cost of the IOL was the fundamental factor in making cataract surgery affordable.

Today, IOL prices vary significantly – including in low and middle-income countries.

In October 2021 The Foundation evaluated our program costs for small incision cataract surgery in countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Cambodia to ensure the $25 cost remained accurate.

Our assessment showed IOLs start from $4 in Pakistan, about $6 in Cambodia, and about $14 in Bangladesh.

The other key costs are the surgeon’s time (which is less than $1.50 per patient in those three countries) and consumable equipment (as little as $5.46).

So with the cost of the IOL, the surgeon and the consumables it is possible that The Foundation can restore sight for as little as $25 in some countries.

We acknowledge that not all surgeries in all countries are as little as $25. The cost of surgery depends on factors including the country of treatment, the age and circumstances of the patient, how and where the treatment is delivered, the type of procedure, the IOL used, the hospital type (government or private), the facilities of the hospital, inpatient or day procedure delivery mechanisms, and the economic status of people in the country or region.


Will the money raised through Facebook go to The Fred Hollows Foundation?

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Any donations made using a Facebook fundraising page will be received via PayPal Giving Fund and sent to The Fred Hollows Foundation bank account.

A tax deductible receipt will be issued directly by Facebook (through PayPal Giving Fund) as they collect and distribute the donations received.

Do all donations raised through Facebook show on my fundraising page?

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Yes, even though Facebook donations are handled by a third party and it may take some time for the money to arrive at The Foundation, the donations will be showing on your fundraising page as a 'Facebook' donation.

Your donor will have received their tax-receipt through Facebook and for privacy reason Facebook is not able to share the donors name with your fundraising page.


What happened to the Manly course?

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We have decided to reduce costs and expenses, therefore for the time being we keep the event to the scenic Bondi to Bridge route, with the view that we may return to Manly again in the future.


How will I know where to go?

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Download the Sydney Harbour Hike app to your phone:



The map will contain important event information as well as a course map. There will also be event signage and volunteer along the route to point you in the right direction. The course will follow the Bondi to Manly Walk, so you can also follow their signs if you get lost. 

Do I need to walk in a certain direction?

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Yes, the course is set up for you to walk towards the Harbour Bridge, where the finish line is located. The course is mostly along the harbour foreshore and well marked.

Do you have any tips on walking the course?

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Please look out for each other on the course all the time. If you plan to run the trail, remember the general public and slower walkers have right of way all the time!  For walkers, please keep to the left to allow others to pass. Make sure you hydrate along the route, there are many public water fountains and cafe shops along the course to help you with this. Have plenty of rest along the way and at our checkpoint to re-hydrate and eat. This is not a race, so enjoy the hike, scenery and camaraderie along the way. 

How accessible or difficult is the course?

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Please refer to the Course Map for the location of stairs and inclines around the course. The vast majority of the trail is well maintained bush trail, with the occasional stairs. As some parts of the route are in National Parks no pets are allowed (guide dogs excepted). Unfortunately not all sections of the trail are mobility friendly as some of the trails in National Park areas are uneven and unsuitable for wheelchairs.

What if I can't walk the entire course?

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Refer to the course map for the Check Points along the course. Check Points are the best place to withdraw from the event. They are also usually close to public transport.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you leave the trail anywhere along the route, including at Check Points, you MUST inform the event organiser and advise us of your withdrawl.

Make sure you have the event phone number saved in your phone for event day!

Where are the course bus stops located?

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Refer to the app and course map. There are a few sections which are more remote from public transport.

Is there more than one way to walk the course?

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No, simply follow the course map on your app, the markers along the way and the instructions of our volunteers along the route and you won't get lost :)

Where are the checkpoints?

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We will have one major checkpoint with timing mat at Rose Bay, which is roughly at half-way. Refer to our maps section on the website for details. There are plenty of public water fountains as well as cafe shops along the route, allowing you to have a rest to hydrate and refuel. There will also be two additional saftey stops with a timing mat in between, to allow us to keep track of all the participants. Remember this is not a race, so enjoy the walk, the view and camaraderie along the way and have regular rests. 

Can I go to a local café along the way for some refreshments and then rejoin the walk again?

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Yes, we encourage you to support local cafes and takeaways in the communities we pass through.


Can I run in this event?

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Yes, you can. But please look out for other people along the course! The general public and slower walkers have right of way all the time! Slower walkers please keep to the left to allow others to pass on your right. Faster particpants, please let others know that you like to pass on the right. Walkers and General Public have right of way and you need to make all efforts to stick to this rules. Also be aware of a few road crossing which can be dangerous. All participants need to wear a fluro Hi-viz safty vest when walking on or crossing roads. Please follow all instructions from our volunteers and road marshals during the event.

Can I take my bike, skateboard or rollerblades along?

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No, this is a walking event supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation. There is plenty of time to comfortably complete the course, so there is no need to be riding a bike, skateboard or rollerblades etc. along the way.

Can I bring my dog?

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Unfortunately not. Much of the course is using existing tracks through National Parks, which are not all dog friendly. Please note that only assistance and guide dogs will be permitted for this event.


What happens if it rains on event day?

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Rain, hail or shine, the event will go ahead should the weather be wet.

We do advise that participants bring wet weather gear should the weather forecast be for rain. Check out our website for more information about gear and training

Also please make sure you have our event phone number in your phone. We may update you via SMS during event day, should there be any changes on the day.

Is there water available along the course?

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Yes, the checkpoint at Rose Bay will have a water station for you to fill your own drink bottles. Additional public water fountains are marked on the course map. There are also cafe and shops along the course, where you will be able to purchase cold drinks. As this is not a competition; you are free to take as many breaks along the course as you wish, to enjoy a lunch or to fetch a drink at anytime and rejoin the course. Please note that our event is a cup free event, so all participants will need to bring their own water bottle or hydration pack for the hike.

And remember the checkpoint and saftey stops will have cut-off times, a time you need to have reached the stop to be allowed to continue the walk, this is for your own saftey and will allow you to reach the finish line at Bradfield Park by the latest at 7pm :-)

How long does it take to finish the course?

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For a fit and active person to walk the course at a continuous brisk pace it will take between 4 to 6 hours. For someone with a moderate fitness level and/or stopping for breaks along the way it may take up to 8 hours. Check the app regulary to see where you are along the course and see how much further you have to go till the finish. You will have 12 hours to finish the 34km, so plenty of time for stops and rests along the way. 

Please remember the checkpoint and saftey stops will have cut-off times, a time you need to have reached the stop to be allowed to continue the walk, this is for your own saftey and will allow you to reach the finish line at Bradfield Park by the latest at 7pm :-)

What should I bring on the day?

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We recommend that you bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and wet weather gear if forecast is for to rain. Bring a refillable water bottle, some snacks and wear appropriate clothing, including footwear, to participate in the walk.

How do I get to the start?

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Please catch public transport to the start at Bondi Beach. There is also easy public transport from the finish, with Ferry, Bus and Train station near by. There is very limited public parking available at both start and finish.

There will be a drop-off and pick-up area at the start and finish for your crew to drop you off or pick you up at the end. Please follow the instructions from our road marshalls at all times, thank you.

Is there parking available? 

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We suggest you take public transport to our event. There is limited paid public parking available at Bondi Beach, and very limited paid parking at the finish in North Sydney around Bradfield Park. The start and finish have excellent public transport options to get to and from.

What can I expect at the checkpoint?

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The checkpoint will provide you with water, some refreshments, first aid, toilets and free sunscreen. You will also find many toilets, water fountains and café shops along the route, where you can purchase refreshments along the way and have a break. 

Will a receive a medal at the finish?

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All participants will receive a Certificate of Acknowlegement, signed by Gabi Hollows AO, which will be emailed the week after the event.

And yes, we are happy to celebrate your achievement by handing out a special Sydney Harbour Hike medal at the finish line to any participants who wishes to receive one.

We also reward fundraisers, who raised $250 or more, with a special, limited edition of our Sydney Harbour Hike T-shirt, designed by Indigenous artist Ngandabaa. There is only a limited number of those T-shirts available, so make sure you start fundraising early to get your reward.

And for our top fundraisers, there will be special prizes waiting at the finish line ;-)

What will the weather be on event day?

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Average temperatures for October can be as low as 14°C and as high as 25°C, along with sunny days. Remember to Slip, Slop, Slap and hydrate regularly. Don't forget your hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and pack a rain jacket or sweater if the forecast is for cooler weather.

Can I buy a T-shirt of this event?

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We do not sell merchandise however we offer Sydney Harbour Hike T-shirts (designed by Rhe Lotter @Ngandabaafor FREE to first 750 participants, who have raised over $250, having helped restore sight to up to 10 needlessly blind people.